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Blue Wonder Gun Blue - 2 oz Re-bluing Kit

Blue Wonder Gun Blue - 2 oz Re-bluing Kit
Price: $24.50
Product ID : BWGB-2OZ-KIT
Manufacturer: Novum Solutions, Inc.
Weight: 0.60 lbs

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Every thing you need for touch-ups or complete re-bluing of one to three long guns. The Kit includes a 1 oz. tube of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, the 2 oz. Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue, a 1/2 oz Developer tube as well as a 1/2 oz tube of Disotec XFR for corrosion protection. This complete package gives you everything you need to provide the best care for the valuable investment you have in your guns! This will serve you for dozens of bluing touch-up jobs and up to six complete re-bluing projects. No need to put up with that holster wear anymore!

This kit contains the following:

  • Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue – 2 Oz.
  • Blue Wonder™ Developer - 0.5 Oz.
  • Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner - 1 Oz.
  • Blue Wonder™ Disotec XFR - 0.5 Oz.

Instructions for use of this product can be found by clicking here.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by tlsurface
11/25/2014 - 01:27:02 PM

Always a Hit

could not be happier with the finish on two pistols I completely restored, I will be ordering more for other projects. I followed your direction after stripping the finish off and when I got done with two coats they looked like a factory bluing job. My neighbor had the same model of one of my pistols, his was in pristine shape and after mine was finish we compared them side by side. They looked the same, beautiful deep blue finish. I will order more for next projects.
Reviewed by johntee
11/03/2014 - 07:37:09 AM

Wonder no more

I was wondering if this product really worked and lived up to the claims by the manufacturer. I read many reviews all over the internetm Amazon being one. It left me a little unsure. Especially since it would be my first attempt.
Wellm I am here to say that even a "newbeee" like me had no problem using the products, just as instructed. To me this 1940's Savage 12 ga. pump, looks like an almost new weapon. I needed a touch up in a few different areas so I was worried about it not blendfing well. I wound up just going over the whole thing lightly and extra where it needed it. LOOKS GREAT!! I recommend this product 100%. If some peop[le got streaks or bad results I think they must not have shaken it before EVERY application. That's the only thing I can think of . Follow the instructions from the video and you will be writing this type review also.... Get it!

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